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if we use this again i might clean this up

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So where are all those hip multiples on dreamwidth that the anon from June told me about
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i learned something today

the way the body looks has no effect on us. m thinks his body in headspace is great so he thinks the outward body is too. and when he has a downward thing he thinks this body is ugly

tom thinks his body is alright, so he says this one is alright. he appreciates beauty in all bodies but his opinion on both is kinda the same

jewel thinks shes a little confident so she thinks our body is alright

oliver and i dont care. i just like that i dont feel pain in my gut when it touches water

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Reasons I'm multiple: 

A) I am delusional and very mentally ill
B) I actually have supernatural summoning powers
C) None of those

I'm going with B
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 okay tom i finally finished the pic of your icon like 6 months late sorry

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i feel kinda bad bc i do think m is cool! i really do!!!! but i don't think he cares because i'm not out of the system and he wants people out-system to care about him. and he wants a lot of people to care about him too. so i guess no one in system is kinda important enough to make him feel better...

i guess i'll just tell him that! you don't need a lot of people to love you, you just need to ones that matter most! both is good but u quality over quantity! idk if he'll listen, i think he will tho he's reasonable like that
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 I guess Jewel made another system sideblog thing because of our inability to stay upright at the computer because of a lack of spoons (mainly due to vertigo but also because of depression)

And I mean that as in Dreamwidth doesn't have an app and it's interface is weird when on a mobile browser, and that we're on our phone most of the time

I think basically any of the systems who follow us here can ask since its just an extension of this Dreamwidth


Dec. 23rd, 2016 05:57 pm
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apparently i don't have to be fronting for like......... a fictional character to go into a system

or know about the character or their personality

mom's still neglectful and giving me a hard time rn

my brother is still constantly yelling at me 

it's not safe for me to keep fronting all day but i knew that

m kinda forced a vegetarian diet on us even though we still barely remember to eat

not much else is new

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Someone once told me that the reason Disney protagonists (such as the princesses) always had parents out of the picture is that Walt Disney himself had parents who were never around, and honestly that's a bit comforting
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I have to mentally correct myself to change "as told by the legends I've read about" to ""canon""
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out of all the things that have surprised me with this system, is that m knows the lyrics to behind these hazel eyes.

why? is it because its a song on my phone? is it because we all listen to the music in the car?

i checked and no kelly clarkson songs are on my phone anymore. did he get it from memory? how'd he remember the chorus so well? when fukase found colorbars i didn't remember how the melody went at all while he did. what? how? i'm???????????????????????????
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I've been thinking of a past life journal, but we have so many journals (including offline) that I wonder if it would just be best to write my things about being a fictive here on dreamwidth. Not sure if I should make a separate journal, or just use this one here.
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im sad but also crazy but not like temporarily crazy, but like constantly crazy

i kinda wonder if temporary systems exist tho

but anyway life sucks
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Buddy I haven't even played Mystic Messenger and Jewel stopped when she was missing days due to not fronting
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All our system bracelets, or... at least all the ones for the most frequent fronters have been made. So now we have ones for me, Jewel, Fukase, Oliver and Tom
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